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Gordon Oldham

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts


Gordon Oldham, lawyer, entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist created The Pavilions as a celebration of all the elements that reflects his love of design, life, adventure and culture.

With award-winning resorts and hotels in place in Nepal, Bali & Phuket, The Pavilions embarked on an ambitious expansion plan in 2015, with investments in key locations in Europe (Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome and Lisbon) and Asia (Niseko & Mongolia).

Today, The Pavilions is not restricted to the development, sales and marketing of hotels. The Pavilions has evolved to include residences such as villas, apartments, penthouses and the conservation, restoration, and conversion of historical buildings to create commercially viable developments and provide a heritage experience.

In April 2018, Gordon created The Revivo wellness brand with the opening of its first retreat in Bali.  Further wellness retreats are opening in Spain, France, Italy and Japan in the next 18 months.

Inspired by Gordon, The Pavilions and Revivo attract like-minded passionate people, magnetised by Gordon’s energy in pooling ideas, talents and resources together to create a dream lifestyle that goes far beyond tangible bricks and mortar.

Gordon 's Sessions

Friday - 17th May 2019
09:40 - 10.35
09:40 - 10.35

Simon Allison, Chairman & CEO , HOFTEL


Mendes Cavin, Chairman & President, C&C Investment Syndicate

Bryan Stewart, Co-founder, Outpost

Gordon Oldham, Founder, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

Ueli Wick, Head of Business Development, Escape Nomade