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Kanokvalee Viriyaprapaikit

LH Mall & Hotel Co., Ltd.

Managing Director

Kanokvalee has almost 30-year experience in real estate investment and management; covering development projects, mall and hotel operations and fund management under Real Estate Investment Trusts ( Reits ). She currently sits on the investment board of LH Mall and Hotel Co., Ltd. ( LHMH ), a reputable developer in Thailand. Her main responsibilities are corporate services and strategic planning. These include the financial controller functions for corporate, retail and hospitality businesses that involve the structuring of business units to ensure efficiency, finance and accounting functions, data analytics, IT and system development, legal, HR management and development, and administration. Acting as a Reit manager, the primary roles include yield management, capital structuring, and implementing asset enhancement initiatives.

Prior to joining LHMH, Kanokvalee worked with GIC Real Estate Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Working within Asia investment team, she was responsible for direct real estate investment across property sectors. She was also part of the global corporate and Reit investment team covering deals for Asia markets. As an investment officer, she handled deal sourcing, structuring, investment and asset management.


Kanokvalee's Sessions

Thursday - 16th May 2019
17:05 - 17:35
17:05 - 17:35

Vorada Thangsurbkul, Experienced Banker, Real Estate and Hotels


Christophe Forsinetti, Executive Director, Strategic Property Investors

Ian Lien, Managing Director, SC Capital Partners Group

Kanokvalee Viriyaprapaikit, Managing Director, LH Mall & Hotel Co., Ltd.

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