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Ranjit Batra

Panchshil Realty

President - Hospitality Management

No one word can truly encapsulate this dynamic leader and professional. Ranjit Batra, President — Hospitality Management, has been the game-changer for Panchshil Realty and under his stewardship, the company has embarked upon on a path of immense growth.

Given his deep-seated passion and ability to innovate, he has been spearheading the company to success. He explains, “With some of the biggest global names under our belt we are striving for the acquisition of more assets and turning them into successes. It has been my consistent aim to provide exceptional value for our customers, investors and partners, which is in-line with our corporate agenda. The strategic choices we have made have led us to command the highest market share in the relevant markets. In turn, we have been able to retain the trust and confidence of our investors by providing maximum returns as well as consistent and steady profits from day one.”

Batra believes that this success is a result of being a hands-on partner and the key lies in what he calls ‘active ownership’ which means dedicated involvement at all stages, from pre-launch to post-operations.

Always ready to keep abreast of changes, he admits, “I personally keep an ear to the ground to stay updated with changing trends in the industry and regularly engage with key-players in the domestic and international market. Also, being an industry leader means constantly reinventing ourselves, and I look forward to setting benchmarks and challenging myself with every endeavour.”

Unlike most businesses that swear by a top-down approach, he believes that, in hospitality, one needs a bottom-up approach and that’s what he strongly tries to follow. He quips, “For me accountability is key, besides ensuring consistency in operations. To do this, we focus on our account managers, monitor the hotel P&Ls and ensure we are in-line with the owner’s goals and brand objectives.”

For Batra, profitability is a no-compromise area and he approaches this with his characteristic meticulousness. As a leader, he is a good listener and does not hesitate to partner when he spots a good opportunity.

A self-confessed workaholic, Batra acknowledges, “I sometimes think the term work-life balance is an oxymoron although I try and maintain some distance between my work life and personal life. I feel it is important to prioritise both in order to maintain a healthy mental balance.”

A hotelier at heart, Batra has a deep understanding of the industry and feels the hospitality industry is undergoing dynamic changes and advancement in technology.

So what is next for Batra? His plate is full but the restless creator in him is already planning and strategizing. His future plans include the creation of hotels in leisure destination in a guest invest model. In fact we are currently 3 months away from opening a Ritz Carlton in the Maldives. He is also driving the Panchshil Realty F&B vertical to greater heights, which will have a presence in malls, QSR’s and night clubs. Some of the brands currently in our portfolio include the JW Marriot, Oakwood Residences, and Courtyard by the Marriot, The Radisson and The Hilton Double Tree.

Ranjit's Sessions

Thursday - 16th May 2019
11:45 - 12:30
11:45 - 12:30

Benjamin Hirasawa, Head of Hospitality and Leisure, Asia Pacific, Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore


Andrew Langdon, SVP Development Asia, Accor Hotels

Stephan Vanden Auweele, Chief Hospitality Group Officer, Asset World Corporation

Bobby Hiranandani, Co-Chairman, Royal Group of Companies

Ranjit Batra, President - Hospitality Management, Panchshil Realty