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Siradej Donavanik

Dusit International

Director of Development and Projects

Mr Siradej Donavanik is the Director of Development and Projects – Dusit International. His main responsibilities include developing new projects and strategic partnerships in education. Prior to taking on the role, Mr Donavanik was Director of Hotel Investment for Dusit International. He continues to support the hotel division, in particular on projects related to education and training.

Mr Donavanik graduated from the University of Exeter, UK in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Economic and Political Development. Prior to joining Dusit International, he trained as an analyst and investment banker with brokerage and securities firm, Trinity Securities. He subsequently joined HSBC Thailand as an Assistant to the Premier Relationship Development Manager until joining Dusit in 2009 as Assistant Manager of Investment and Development.