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Wimintra Raj

Founder & Editor in Chief

Wimintra Jangnin is the founder and Editor in Chief of, a B2B online publication focused on hotel industry. A Political Science graduate, Wimintra found her path frequently traversing into hotel industry, so much so that she decided to make a career or it. Over the years she has had the opportunity to learn about the industry from many of the great ‘old-school’ and ‘new-school’ hoteliers.
Wimintra is passionate about hotels and hoteliers who are passionate about their work. Her passion has taken her to numerous properties around the world and especially in Asia where she gathers ‘intel’ from everywhere and everyone – from the hotel guest rooms to staff canteen, from CEO to the doorman.
Nothing is off limits when it comes to hotels.

Wimintra's Sessions

Friday - 17th May 2019
17:15 - 17:30
17:15 - 17:30

Wimintra Raj, Founder & Editor in Chief,