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As always, SEAHIS will offer a fresh look at the topics challenging hotel sector investors and those which offer new opportunities for the coming years.

These will include:

  • The Vietnam boom – is it sustainable?
  • Management, OTA and loyalty programme fees on the same booking. Really?
  • Is it time for franchising to take off?
  • Too dependent on China – how safe is reliance on a single inbound market
  • Can boutique luxury groups give you a bottom line?
  • Australia – too late or too early to put in your capital?
  • Has the sharing economy hurt the hotel sector?
  • Creating a new story for the public markets
  • How can you secure a financial return when hotel yields and debt rates are so close?
  • Elections – red light or green light for the sector?
  •  Too dependent on China – how safe is reliance on a single inbound market?
  • Which vacation ownership structure works best?

Our speakers will include:

  • Suchad Chiaranussati, CEO, SC Capital
  • Neil Jacobs, CEO, Six Senses
  • Aron Harilela, CEO, Harilela Hotels
  • Brian Williams, Deputy Chairman, Swire Hotels
  • Piyaporn “Ann” Phanachet, CEO, U-City
  • Tommy Lai, CEO, GHM
  • Gordon Oldham, Founder, Pavilions Hotels and Resorts
  • Timmy Ho, Head of Corporate Affairs, Cornerstone Partners
  • Bill Barnett, Founder, C9 Hotelworks
  • Tony Ryan, Head of M&A, JLL Hotels