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SEAHIS 2018 will have an agenda focused on many of the key issues facing the industry today including:

  • Hotel management contract terms – are the brands pushing back again after consolidation?
  • Can the rise of the sharing economy be stopped – and should it?
  • Luxury retreats and private islands – can they make money?
  • Do investors price in political risk correctly?
  • Can the existing OTAs be challenged and if so, how?
  • The Philippines – will it ever take off?
  • Are land prices getting so high in key markets that development feasibility is now a problem?
  • Are there reliable alternative sources of debt to bank lending?
  • A new wave of outward Japanese investment – what is it looking for?
  • Is Vietnam heading for a hard landing?

A full programme will be published shortly.

“Excellent summit, well organised, to the point and a good crowd”